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Steen Boge Steen Boge resides in Hong Kong and Thailand, and has with more than 35 years of traveling in Asia acquired a very extensive experience in Asia Pacific (APAC) markets and culture from his activities in sourcing, sales and marketing within the electronic industry.
Steen Boge have experience from directorships in companies in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.
Provide temporary management for companies in APAC to help set up distribution, business management or facilitate companies in areas as in- or outsourcing.
Provide sparring for subsidiary companies needing a local opinion, evaluation, analyses of markets or help with staff and performance related problems.
Steen Boge can offer more than 35 years of experience in working with APAC including many years of management and P&L responsibility in Hong Kong, setting up sales & marketing organizations, including distribution in China.
As Managing Director for GN Netcom Asia limited, Steen Boge covered all management disciplines related to working in Asia. Besides sales, marketing and business development, he has successfully made a number of HR activities, resulting in increased performance and execution focus, especially with staff in APAC. Also participation in outsourcing to China as well as acquisitions in Australia adds to his experience.
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